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Customer Testimonials

Read about our customers' experience with our services.

I have nothing but good things to say about you folks. After my home fire, you made my clothes look like new!

Considering what happened to my home and what my belongings went through with smoke and water, I was concerned some of my more fragile fabrics wouldn't survive. Your care and expertise blew my mind! And your compassion has been a godsend.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Jim H.

Rochester, New York

I had to use Colvin Cleaners after an electrical fire.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens, I am very happy with the way they took care of me and my belongings.  The first time that I visited their facility to pick up some things, they were very warm, helpful and so courteous.  At first, I was a little uncomfortable, but they made it to where I was completely comfortable! They helped me look for my things and helped me take them to my car.  Joe, Chris, and the 2 other young men opened the doors for me, so I could get some of my things without any hassle.  I have to be honest, they are the best company ever and I would highly recommend them.  Thank you Colvin Cleaners!!!!

Anna T.

Cheektowaga, New York

Hello I would like to share a few words about my experience with Colvin Cleaners.  In March of 2015, my life was turned upside down. A malfunction of my cooktop caused a kitchen fire which filled my entire home with smoke damage. My insurance agent from State Farm immediately came over and called the necessary companies. Colvin Cleaners was one of them.


They came the next day and spent few hours here cataloging all my clothing, linens and draperies.  They left with 27 large linen bags of my things! Can you imagine the anxiety I felt? Will everything make it back here, will anything be ruined or damaged?  I don't know this company at all.  


Well I can tell you, what an outstanding job they did!! Even to the point of asking what I wanted back in a 3 day window so I could have clean clothes to wear!  They organized everything as to where it came from and what was in each box. They even lent me clothing racks to store my closet items until the painters were done and I could put them away. Excellent service, yes very much so. The thing I appreciated most was their compassion and the courteous manor in which my situation was handled.


I cannot say Thank You enough to these people. My main contact was Joe Therrien. Terrific guy, terrific company !
Thank you for everything Rated a 5+ stars from me. 

Dan P.

Grand Island, New York

On August 30, 2015 my family and I had a dryer fire in our home.  Colvin Cleaners was involved within 24 hours of this incident. Bill Martin was at our side right from the beginning.  He was caring, polite and informative.  Bill made sure that we had clothes cleaned immediately and ready to go for us within 24 hours which was important because our daughter was starting school that same week. He even set up categories of what was needed for a week, a few weeks and "everything else."  He went as far as making several deliveries directly to our hotel since we were displaced from our home for ten days.  We could not have asked for a better experience from Colvin Cleaners in our time of need. 

Jerry Fedele

Ontario, New York

During the crisis of a house fire you never know who you will need.  I had the pleasure of being linked with Colvin Cleaners and their amazing folks.  Not only were they kind, outgoing, and thoughtful, they did a fabulous job.  They were able to save the small amount of clothing, precious stuffed animals, winter coats, and also some boots for myself and my grandchildren.  They went out of their way to make that particular part of the entire ordeal not difficult.  They were willing to pick up, they reminded of appointments, they were nothing but professional and caring.   This is a true and honest business that the community should highlight.  Thank you to all at Colvin Cleaners.


Buffalo, New York

My family was a victim of a home fire that resulted in severe smoke and water damage to most of our clothing. Colvin Cleaners came to our house the day after the fire. They helped us to collect the clothing and walked us through the cleaning and insurance process. They even dug through the van-load of clothing to prioritize my suits and shirts so that I could get back to work quickly in proper attire. The continued customer service has been excellent. Our contact at Colvin Cleaners, Joe Therrien, was a pleasure to work with and helped us when we really needed it.


Orchard Park, New York

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